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Who are we?

We are the Kalakars (artists) in Kalakari Kake !!!
At Kalakari kake, we see the beauty in everything and get inspired everything around us, not just things that are beautiful. We design with purpose and craft with quirk. Every product is a blend of Indian culture and urban cool designs, it’s a fusion of craft and Humour. Our craft contains both purpose and quirkiness . We started out in 2018 with a bunch of inexperienced ,freshly graduated design students (with a badass aesthetic sense and willing ness to risk it all).After gaining enough exposure to the local market we decided to design and develop "our kind of products"- along with our belief in 'loving what one does' idea.

Ideas behind our products

Thus, our design team take inspiration from their(our) everyday life and turn them into creative masterpieces which we wish to share with you. As they say beauty is in the eye of beholder. We make it bit easy for your eyes to spot that beauty. Our products speak which are inspired from life itself. No matter how fast or laid back it may be. We wish Not only this we wish to connect with our customers through our products. Make it more personal. And, customer satisfaction is one of our major goals.
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