Story of the Monkey

Story of the Monkey
Kalkarikake started as a simple little monkey with a big dream. The dream? To provide people with all those funky products that symbolizes the monkey spirit -sociable, playful, humorous affectionate and loving.
So, what does a monkey represent?
The monkey is frequently connected with amusement and happiness. Monkeys were regarded as Gods of Power (Hanuman) by numerous cultures due to their lively and mischievous temperament. Hanuman is revered for his courage, strength, and selflessness. Hanuman's story and valiant acts, like those of the Chinese Monkey King, became folklore.
Painted or described as emblems of power, monkeys were also representations of social status.
Here at Kalkarikake, every product has a sense of monkey spirit that is designed and brought to you with lots of love.
Take the example of the MONKEY ASHTRAY that’s available in our website that says KEEP YOUR HEAD IN the CLOUD which means to be out all the tensions in your life in the everyday world and to be unrealistic, just to loosen up yourself from the hectic life that’s ahead of you.
Kalakarikake is dedicated to providing best-in-class quality while also creating designs that are on-trend and beyond. Our goal at Kalakarikake has always been to surprise and thrill you with unique and unexpected home treasures. All of our products are carefully sourced and handcrafted, ensuring that whatever treasure you discover at Kalakakriake is one-of-a-kind, just like you.
Customer satisfaction is our top goal, and our customization services are built on that foundation. We value the contributions of our community and believe in giving back more than we receive.
Integrity and honesty keep us on track, motivating us to keep going until we've accomplished our goal.

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