Why we have started KALAKARI KAKE?

Why we have started KALAKARI KAKE?
We have all seen madaris with monkeys performing dance and different stunts for entertaining people. Madaris are aslo considered as Kalakar and Kalakar means artist. Thats where we have derived the word kalakar for our brand name. And the word Kake means 'Brother" in Pujabi. 
So we have the Monkey as our logo, as monkey' s are very energetic, so as the Kalakari Kake products .
Kalakari Kake started as a simple little monkey with a big dream. The dream? To provide people with all those funky products that symbolizes the monkey spirit -sociable, playful, humorous affectionate and loving.
Over the past 3 Years, Kalakari Kake has been bringing the latest design & fashion to the hospitality industry and home décors. Kalakari Kake offers the best in class range in crockery, ash tray, coffee mugs, home decors and more. Kalakari Kake provides a pleasurable and stress-free homemaking experience to all of its valued customers, regardless of their lives or tastes.
We established Kalakari Kake in 2020 with the goal of beautifying a million homes. There were only 58 designs in our catalogue at the time. However, we noticed a significant difference when our consumers uploaded photos of our product in their homes. Different people used the same decors in different ways. This revealed something to us. People want their houses to be one-of-a-kind. We also discovered that people are far happier making things than buying them. When it comes to statement décor, we are a creative, innovative, and outspoken bunch.
We now realize that we're not only here to sell well-designed things. We're here to assist you in creating spaces that reflect your personality.
We guarantee to provide a one-of-a-kind and personalized purchasing experience for our consumers. Our dedication to quality and classic designs has helped us grow over the year, and we are honored to be many people's first choice.
Our Values
At Kalakari Kake, our customers are at the core of all we do. In all of our activities, we make absolutely sure we achieve the proper client solution. Every customer is given the opportunity to build a long-term connection with us, and we strive to please them in every engagement. We want to be the global standard for customer satisfaction.
We live our lives in a way that is honest, ethical, and trustworthy. In all of our actions, we adhere to the highest principles of corporate governance. We maintain open lines of communication with all of our customers. When we make mistakes, we are forthright and honest in admitting them.
We have a proclivity for taking action. We give our teams the tools they need to make quick, well-informed decisions. We keep iterating and learning from our mistakes. As we progress, scalability and robustness are added in.
We take charge, go above and above, and think outside the box to come up with novel ideas. When we're unsure, we work harder to tackle newer problems and find better solutions.
We believe that a self-sustaining company will be responsible and address consumer issues appropriately.

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